When the going gets tough…

On the thousand mile journey to success, it is a definite fact that you will face challenges upon the way. Some of these challenges may be frustrating, some may be trying, but some of them will end up testing every bit of skill and experience that you have accumulated over the years.

That’s why when the going gets tough, you really need to keep your eyes on the prize, refocus yourself on the real reason for your labour, and keep on moving forward.

Validating Assumptions: Introducing EasyGreet

My team and I have made a whole world of assumptions when developing our killer service. We plan to enter the mobile customer management sector and create a smartphone application which aims to perform two main tasks:

1. Easy entry and storage of customer preferences  

and with those preferences at the system’s disposal,

2. Be able to mass customize and automatically send cards, gifts and vouchers to your customers with zero extra hassle

What it's all about!

What it's all about!

With my system, sales people can just tell the system how they want to treat certain clients – some may want to buy them gifts on their birthday, some may want to just drop a card during an anniversary – and the system will deal with the rest. No additional shopping around frantically every month for gifts and rushing to a post box to get cards mailed out for you salesmen out there!

I pitched the idea to some insurance agents and some entrepreneurs, solicited opinions, feedback and advice from mentors everywhere and with all this information, my associates and I brainstormed, discussed, and developed the idea to what it is today.

Then it was time to run a wider survey to look at what the average insurance agent thought about our product. It was then that we realized that for most of the time, developing ideas would be the relatively easy part, and that execution would be what separates the men from the boys.

Dealing with a 9/50 response rate

My team and I spent hours deliberating on the questions, refining them, and creating a questionnaire that we hoped would give us insight into the true needs of insurance agents around us. Once completed, we just sent it out to the world, thinking that friends would happily pass the survey around to their friends or acquaintances who were agents, and that we would achieve our goal of hitting 50 responses from insurance agents in just a couple of days.

Tons of emails and a 3 days later, we were still stuck with just 9 responses. A whole new challenge presented itself before us. But we knew that whatever it took, we would deal with this tiny (in the large scheme of things) little obstacle and emerge even stronger as a team.

My team and I quickly convened online and we decided that whatever happens, we’re going to give it our very best shot to complete our survey by Friday, so that we can get onto the prototype developing phase as soon as possible. The business world moves fast, and we really can’t use any more delays. That established, we quickly threw around ideas on how to solve the problem. Ideas were whizzing throughout cyberspace; our voices were loud with excitement.

I was pretty agitated by this problem and ended up going to bed slightly grumpy about not having everything settled neatly and cleanly just yet. I was irritable, feeling stressed just thinking of solutions to this problem of mine, and tired after a whole day’s work. I went to bed.

When the going gets tough…

The next morning, I found a note waiting for me when I opened my laptop.

It was a charming little note from my girlfriend which said:

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step… so keep taking steady steps, at a continuous pace. As long as you’re clear and focused, don’t procrastinate and persist, I know you’ll succeed!”

It was a timely reminder that whenever problems arise, the important thing is to reorient yourself with why you are doing what you are doing to begin with.

And you know what? If your reason for working is good enough, all your frustration caused by these obstacles along the way would seem trivial at most.

And when I read that note all the reasons I’m taking the road not taken immediately coalesced in my head.

I’m not taking on extra risk just to become filthy rich myself, but rather because I deeply believe in possessing financial freedom – the freedom to be there for my family and friends when they need me most; to spend time with them when it really counts; and to be able to afford to share extraordinary life experiences with them.

I love connecting with people and believe in the product wholeheartedly – in fact, I would be my product’s biggest customer – I would love it if it could help me keep in close contact with the many good friends I have, despite how busy it gets sometimes.

The thousand mile journey towards success may be long, it may be challenging, but when you know deep down that ultimately it’s a labour of love, it all becomes worth it.

Now I’m going to go collect those surveys with continued vigor! All the best in seeking what you truly desire in life!


P.S. I’m still looking for more responses! If you are a financial planner, private banker, or sell insurance in any way, please do complete my survey here at the following URL: https://survey.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_5tgnuv1scUdsejy

Thanks so much for your help!

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