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Hi, my name is Kevin Chan and I write at to both chronicle my journey of self-development as well as to share the knowledge I possess on the subject with the world, to hopefully help us all live more enriching lives. I’m currently an undergraduate pursuing a degree in Business, majoring in Marketing and Business Law in NTU, Singapore, trying to make sense out of this chaos we call life. I hope that you enjoy the content on this site and would to love to hear your thought, opinions and comments on the things I write about. A sweet, insightful comment always makes me smile. I would love to hear from my readers, and should you need to contact me (should you have some crazy entrepreneurial idea or just want to meet up with me for coffee) just drop me a mail at planar.rebirth(at)

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Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?

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The past month’s progress report

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Being Happy

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When the going gets tough…

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